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The 7 Golden Keys are an energeic transmission that aligns to the higher aspect of you that is attracted to this teaching - the one that seeks integration with all aspects of self to come into alignment with Universal Truth. 

This is an act of self empowerment and return to power. 

We align with your power only for the purpose of integrating higher frequency which we bring thru as the right of all beings. This alignment will provide insight, illumination and ascension of consciousness. 

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Meet The Team

Joel and Sukhari have one vision:

"Align themselves and others with their own True Self."

Sukhari Jivan

In 1993, Sukhari realized she had been depressed for many years. She found her herself in an unfulfilling marriage and career. A friend introduced her to meditation and she began to awaken her internal connection with source. Mediation gave her a direct experience of knowing that she was more than her thoughts, feelings and personal history. A series of sychronicities guided her to India. A 6 week trip turned into the better part of four years where she devoted 4-6 hours a day to meditation. While in India during the spring of 1998, the desire arose in Sukhari to begin sharing her experience. Again she was guided to established residence in California where she began to practice as an energy healer and meditation teacher. Eventually her intuitive ability to read and feel energy was translated to working with animal as well as people in an integrative veterinary practice and energy healing center in Santa Monica. 

When her father suddenly passed away in 2009 and three months later she found herself going through a second divorce, the shock of both these experiences so close together caused her to question all that she experienced thus far. She lost all feeling of creativity for several years. This dark night of the soul persisted until the spring of 2015.

While meditating … “I went into a state of ecstasy. The most beautiful being I have ever seen appeared before me. Feminine in energy, she said welcome home. My father appeared next to her. I began crying…he was good. There was nothing left incomplete between us as I had feared. My fear seemed silly when experiencing him in the magnificent form. Waves and waves of wholeness washed through. I was made whole in those waves. Understanding arose that through the trauma of loss I had taken on the belief that I have been abandoned…that no man had my back in Life. The Insight was you are whole, complete and perfect. Nothing outside of you will ever touch the power within. Draw on this power. The inner power is what everyone is looking for on the outside but they do not know it because they have been conditioned to believe the opposite. Draw from this place to create, this is where your true power comes from. You are never alone.”

For over 20 years, Sukhari has been awakening to the journey of living one’s life purpose. In addition to living in India she has traveled the world seeking out mystical teachings of Australia, Bali, Hawaii and several US based new thought teachers. Only to discover it all right there, inside right now. Her experience has shown her even though we maybe fully engaged with our calling, challenges continue to arise as we are eternally evolving. Connecting with the truth written in ones heart and learning to accept ourselves fully is what will ultimately be the measure of success we need to feel a sense of fulfillment. Now Sukhari finds simply sharing from heart to heart touches the True Self in all of us.

Joel Johanneson

Joel was born in Moorhead, MN. As a middle child in a large family with a severe stutterer, he was barely able to communicate therefore he spent much time alone. While alone he inquired within, asking are we alone? This self-inquiry illuminated the path within as the key to all knowing. An inner knowing through his heart began to arise. He discovered his intuitive ability to feel and perceive other people thoughts and emotions. Deep compassion developed in his heart and has lead to a life long fascination to understand things that are hidden from view.

In his early 40's, Joel experienced a series of profound traumatic events. All of which re-awakened his inner knowing that life is created from the inside out. The knowledge of the miracle within all us has left him virtually stutter free and fluent to begin sharing his experience.

“It is through the inner death of our perceived impediments, that we begin to know the heart. The true gift in all our challenges is when we become grateful for the experience.”

Over the past 30 years, Joel has honed his intuitive skills through formal study and practical application. He has always maintained his inner connection to higher knowing. Applying his gift to his career he became a successful entrepreneur. Compassion is what has driven Joel to support hundreds of people to unlock and live their true potential.

 Through his understanding of the heart and inner sight, Joel has developed a unique approach to healing and consciousness that supports others to experience the infinite nature of Life.

“Bringing gratitude into a situation transforms the perception, it brings in grace”

What Our Clients Say

We are honored and humbled to work with each of you!

"Anxiety has been a big issue in regard to finding a new job. I want to let you know I went to sleep much easier last night. This morning I got the call, new job, all is well. The healing effect has been on my whole family.Incredible work you two are doing. Very very wonderful.”

-AM, California USA

"On the fifth day of working with the video I had a multi dimensional experience. Several traumatic moments came up in my consciousness. Each one was wiped clean or healed. I was left feeling whole like never before. Something had held me back from writing. A couple of weeks later I was gifted a $10,000.00 writers coaching program. Exactly what I wanted, the perfect next step! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, so much fun :)."

-SP, Vermont USA

"Joel is such a gifted healer and a clear channel! He is loving and knowledgeable and zones in on resolving the core issue. On his table, I feel safe and relaxed. The healing he facilitated was immediate, but continued to work on so many levels afterward. It really amazed me!"

-DA, Washington USA

"I thought when I laid down to do your heart centered meditation that I was exhausted and would sleep. After the meditation and our texting back and forth, I did a few things and then laid down I was tired, but awake, so I just laid there - for the first time in months, I was able to lay there in peace. I was free from the obsessive thoughts. So appreciative of you guys being along the trail to hold my hand out to when I loose my balance.

-CB, Washington USA

"My key issue was career. After my session I had 3 opportunities offered within two weeks... which I refused for the fourth which is a perfect combination of my passion, experience and service. I am so grateful!."

-JS, Washington USA

"Anyway, thanks Suki - for helping me unearth the core misunderstanding that I don't matter. I've been intentionally retraining my knowing of the truth. I am at one with SOURCE."

-RM, CaliforniaUSA